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Mobility booking solutions for your
organisations and transportation services.

> Universal Trip Booking Solution
> On-demand Shuttle Solution
> Chartering Marketplace

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Our Solutions We work with the government, organisations and transport service providers to deliver best-in-class mobility and transport solutions.

Universal Trip Booking Solution

The easiest way to accept and manage bookings for your organisation and business.

With Xemo TRIP, you can:
  • Add your own routes and trips
  • Set your pricing, timing, capacity and more
  • Promote your service and business
  • Accept bookings and payment

If you run a transport service (Airport, Tour or even a regular bus service), you can simply add your service to Xemo TRIP to accept bookings instantly.

For organisations, you can use Xemo TRIP to help manage your bookings for transportation need.

Over 10,000 bookings were generated for our partners!

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On-demand Shuttle Solution

A whitelabel solution for providing an on-demand transportation for organisations and community

With Xemo GO, you can
  • Quickly deploy on-demand transportation in less than 2 weeks
  • Provide on-demand booking app for guest
  • Improve substainability and environment
  • Deliver better daily commuting experience

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A chartering comparison marketplace

Simply list and promote your chartering service. Save time and increase your bookings.

With Xemo HUB, you can
  • Add unlimited listings with photos, pricing, and information
  • Accept and manage bookings, all on one platform
  • Save time with instant booking, just set your pricing options
  • Promote your serivces directly from your website

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Xemo booking technology is innovative and effective. We recommend it to any organisations who are looking for a shuttle solution or transport service.

Xemo does not only allow us to gauge supply/demand but also help manage all logistic from route, time, ticket pricing to taking the booking, all in one app and makes the operations a breeze in the lead up to and on match day.